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In support of the electronic reporting required by authorities for vessels entering or leaving a port or port area, the PROTECT Group has established a harmonised world-wide recognised EDI standard.
The EDI standard, called the PROTECT Guide (version 2.0, March 2005) describes in detail the messages exchanged between shipping lines and/or their agents or forwarders to and from the Port Authorities or National Competent Authorities.
These messages support by means of EDI the reporting requirements for vessels regarding the formal and legal notification requirements for vessels, as well as the requests for services from the authorities and vessel handling companies when vessels berth and/or utilise the waters under the jurisdiction of these authorities.

Vessel reporting requirements
In view of the recent developments resulting from new legislation from IMO (Dec 2002) and EU (March 2004) as regards ship and port security (SOLAS/ISPS) and from EU as regards Waste management (2000) and Vessel monitoring (2002), the PROTECT Group recognised the need for harmonisation of the reporting requirements to minimise implementation differences for vessel operators/agents between the participating ports.

Who are co-operating in the PROTECT Group?
In the PROTECT Group are participating the following port or national competent authorities and their Port EDI Service Providers (Port community systems):